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Environmental Products & Systems Inc. has been providing filtration products, centrifugal fans, blowers, exhausters and portable and central vacuum systems for industry since 1967.

With our comprehensive product offering combined with our engineering expertise, we have been able to assist our customers in finding the right product for the application. It’s our ultimate goal to have our customers save time and money.

Through the years we had the pleasure of serving customers in power generation, printing, chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, steel production, paint, ink, metal forming, injection molding, water treatment, fuels and general industrial.



Supplying filters for any industry

Power generation, substation maintenance, printing, food processing, chemical, steel production & forming, refinery, paint, ink, injection molding, pharmaceuticals, paper, water treatment, fuels, ethanol, etc.

Jill Cooper, President of Environmental Products and Systems Inc.

Established in 1967, woman owned since 2008 and state certified in 2009, Environmental Products and Systems has constantly evolved to help our customers stay efficient and cost competitive in their respective industries.

If you're looking for:

  • Vendor base reduction
  • Supply chain management
  • Filter standardization
  • Vendor managed inventory

         We are here to help you!

Jill A. E. Cooper, President
Environmental Products and Systems

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