Blowers, Exhausters & Vacuum Systems

We are the authorized industrial and engineered vacuum sales representative for Gardner Denver’s centrifugal blowers, exhausters and vacuum products in Wisconsin, which includes the Hoffman, Lamson and Invincible product lines.
Gardner Denver offers the single wheel, regenerative blower/exhauster called the Turbotron. It’s a quiet unit great for tight applications and offers 100-900 scfm at up to 13 psig output or 14″Hg. Its trademark is smooth, pulse free air flow.
Gardner Denver has the most complete range of multistage blower/exhauster units in the world. Units that produce from 100 to 40,000 cfm at 2 to 22 psig output or 2″ to 18″ Hg.

Applications abound from aeration basins, air drying, air knife, combustion air, gas boosting, printing machines, soil remediation, landfill gas extraction, dust collection and central vacuum systems to name a few.

Only Gardner Denver has over 100 years of experience in central vacuum and portable vacuum applications. No other company has the capabilities and knowledge to deliver the most advanced, efficient and dependable products for your housekeeping applications. We can offer the complete package, pulse jet separators, electronic controls and protection, hoses and tools, piping and fittings for standard to explosion proof applications.

We offer everything you need from a simple portable unit to a large central vacuum system.