General Filtration

We offer virtually any filter used in industry: compressor, compressed air, lube, hydraulic, EHC, liquid bag, air intake, dust collection, air dryer, off & on road, liquid processing, diesel, ethanol and much more…

Here are some of the companies we represent or distribute for:

Action Filtration
Replacement cartridge and bag filters for vacuum systems and dust collectors.

Baldwin Filters
Automotive, heavy duty and off road air, fuel, lube and hydraulic filters.

Dollinger Corp.
Complete air intake filter assemblies. Air, gas, vacuum and coalescing filters and assemblies. Oil mist elimination equipment and filters.

Filtersoft, Inc.
Replacement compressed air filters and coalescers, hydraulic oil filters.

Hypro, Inc.
Low and high pressure hydraulic and lube oil filter elements, spin on filters and housings. Offer portable, wall mount and stationary filtration units, varnish removal systems and dehydration systems.

Jonell, Inc.
Replacement air, oil and compressed air filters.

Replacement air/oil separators, air and oil filters for industrial and refrigeration OEM compressor and vacuum pumps.

LeSac Corp.
Tie on and housing style, liquid bag filters.

GE Osmonics
Depth and pleated filter cartridges, SS & CS filter housings. Offer silver membrane and ceramic disc, filters and resin bonded filters.

United Filters Co.
Stringwound filter cartridges & CS, SS housings.

Velcon Filters Inc.
Insulation oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, lube, fuel and solvent filtration equipment. Replacement filter cartridges & housings. Aquacon and Superdri water removal filter cartridges. On and off line filtration equipment for transformers, LTC’s and OCB’s.

We cross reference products from companies like: Airmaze, Atlas Copco, Balston, Busch, Donaldson, Finite, Fram, Hankison, Hilco, Hydac, Ingersoll Rand, Internorman, Kaydon, Napa, Pall, Parker, Quincy, Schroeder, Stauff, Sullair, Taisei Kogyo, Torrit, Van Air, Vickers, Western, etc., we can help! Please give us a call!