Centrifugal Fans

We are the authorized, industrial and marine sales representative for Howden American Fan Company in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

AF Aluminum Fans

Howden American Fan Company offers all types of centrifugal fans for various applications. Dust collection and vacuum equipment, fume and exhaust hoods, paper machines, mining equipment, dryers, ovens, burners, pollution control equipment, gas extraction, and more.

Low pressure, high pressure, low volume, high volume, standard temperature to high temperature fans are all available. Construction material for housings and wheels are available in carbon steel, AR steel, stainless steel, corten and aluminum. Direct drive or belt drive. Backward inclined, forward curve, airfoil, material handling and radial blade wheels are available.

Pictures above are arrangement 4, direct drive.

General Purpose Blowers

Turbo Pressure Blowers